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I'm Leire Bueno, a graphic designer + illustrator. Although I was born and raised in Bilbao, I have lived here and there over the years. I graduated in Film and Communication from the University of the Basque Country. After realizing that my calling was to pursue a career as an illustrator, I decided to move to the Mediterranean Coast, where I got my Master's Degree in Design and Illustration from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

A year ago, an unexpected twist of script took me back to the Atlantic, although this time my destiny was on the other shore, in New York. Working in the Big Apple has allowed me to become more chameleonic and versatile, knowing how to adapt my work to the demands of the project. I now live in Madrid, where I make of my passion my profession.

· 3x3 International Illustration Show
· Wanted Ideas
· Global Training
· EiTB-EikenBANK
· FesTVal
· University of the Basque Country
· Domestika
· Women Who Draw
· Picnic Magazine
· Topic
· Eme Magazine
· Verlanga Magazine
· Not Another Fashion Blog
· Milan Kids Design Week
2017 / ONE SKY (Curated by Women Who Draw)
2017 / #Printyourlife (curated by Saxoprint + Mr. Freeman)
2016 / Valencia Disseny Week (curated by ADCV)
2015 / Illustrations for Nepal (curated by APIV & Oxfam Intermon)
2014 / Arteskola (curated by Getxo City Hall)
2018 / Spanish Film Academy Magazine (Goya Awards, March 2018)
2017 / 3x3 Magazine Annual No.13
2015 / EME Magazine No.3

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For questions, anecdotes or just to say hi, feel free to contact me at: leirebueno@gmail.com

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